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"Manage cravings has naver been easier
with the world's lightest jelly drink, Belly Bully"

Losing weight is not easy for everyone, and it was no difference to Mr. Kim and Hwang.
All of so called “diet food” in the market was full of chemicals which they didn’t feel healthy to have them daily.
Through the research, Mr. Kim and Hwang found natural ingredients such as Konjac which has very low calorie and Erythritol which is a natural sweetener.
To make it easy to take and enjoyable, Mr. Kim and Hwang came up with an idea of jelly drink and named Belly Bully which sounds like “My belly is full.”

Best seller in South Korea"

As soon as it is launched, it was sold more than 22M pouches which values $16.1 million within a year. Also it was placed number one sold item in food category at one of South Korea’s online retail store. Jellies were loved not only by Koreans but by people in China.

In 2019, jellies are approved by FDA and landed USA safely for people who are looking for better way to lose weight. Don’t miss the opportunity to be better version of yourself!

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