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Making A Healthy Impact

FDA approved, No sugar, 4 Kcal,
what a sweet sound!

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The most difficult thing while you are slimming down is managing cravings and having not-that-tasty foods. Belly Bully introduces 12 fruit flavored, low calorie jellies. With 4~6 calories a serving, it’s satisfying enough to keep you fueled until your next meal.


Erythritol, a natural sweetener (sugar alcohol), makes Belly Bully jellies perfect without any sugar. At only 4~6 calories each, it’s prime for when those sugar cravings strike.
Belly Bully jellies passed the FDA approval process.


We all are busy. Just bring a Belly Bully pouch anywhere you go.
By just drinking jellies anytime between meals, it will help you body energized.